We are proud to support the Smith Family, who share our belief that Education is the key to a better future. Through the sponsorship program, we help disadvantaged Australian children with some of the simple things that we all take for granted like food, clothes and books for school.

Each month at our Team Meeting we donate to the Smith Family..."Cash 4 Casual" - it's our day to wear casual clothes to the office and donate to this great cause.

Each year our staff receive a bonus payment that is directed towards the charity or community organisation of their choice, in addition to our chosen office charity. We support the following great causes:

Courtney: I chose the Cancer Council as I lost a friend earlier in the year to cancer and I am well aware that most people's lives have been touched by someone affected by cancer. The Cancer Councils' work in research to help prevent, detect and treat cancer and the support services offered so no one has to go through cancer alone as well as the cancer prevention programs are invaluable to us all. Every little bit helps!
Cancer Council NSW : Donate To Cancer Council

Paul: Westpac Rescue Helicopter is an amazing organisation that continues to save lives across Northern NSW since 1975. It is an expensive operation, maintaining 4 helicopters and relies on funding from businesses, the NSW Government and the local community. I know of a few people who have had to use their services for life saving recovery and transportation.

Heather: I chose Newcastle Dog Rescue as that is where I found my little fur baby. They do great work in rescuing abandoned dogs and puppies in the Hunter Region.

Heather: I also chose Youth off the Street to support the wonderful work they do for the youth in our community. Any and all help for homeless youth to give them a safe place is a must. Our children deserve the right to feel safe.

Chris: I’m a supporter of AIME, the Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience. AIME helps to improve the work and study prospects of Indigenous kids. Coming from a working class family (I was only the second person in the family to finish high school) I was lucky to have my mum who went back to study and showed me how important education is. Not everyone has that example.

Steve: I chose Ronald McDonald House as my charity as I appreciate what they do for families and children affected by serious illnesses. Having young children of my own means this charity stands out to me. It highlights the importance of families being able to stick together in tough times and Ronald McDonald House do a great job in achieving that.

Gil: They are not just charity or a church, the Salvos really serve the most needy in our society without favour or judgement. I believe that compassion should start at home and that is where you will find the Salvation Army. If you want to know what they mean to the average Aussie volunteer to collect for the Red Shield Appeal and you will hear the stories of so many good people who were lifted out of the gutter by the Sallies. With one of the lowest administrative overheads of any charity in Australia they are a cause I truly believe in.