Estate Planning For Life is more than the preparation of the right legal documents (important as they are). The service is designed to make sure your loved ones are fully prepared if something happens to you either temporarily or permanently.

We work with clients to ensure that their family is as well prepared as possible for their illness or death, and then ensure their inheritance is protected from predators and creditors.

You may belong to a blended family, have children in difficult relationships or want to provide for disabled children or grandchildren. There are elegant and effective solutions to these and many other situations that cause you concern – why not ask us about your situation?

Even if the personal lives of your family are relatively straightforward, do your kids know what information they need to know if you take ill or die. Is everything recorded and does your family know where that record is? Even then, would your spouse or kids know what to do? Who should they call? What should they ask about? What is important? What can wait?

Using the Estate Planning For Life solution we address these issues by:

    1. Getting to know you on a personal level. We will explore your fears about your children and their partners. Then, working with appropriate legal advice, we will ensure that legal documents are drafted to reflect and where possible alleviate those concerns;
    2. Helping you to collect, record and update the Information that Matters to summarise everything your family and advisers need to know;
    3. Preparing and updating a personalised Crisis Management Plan to help guide your loved ones when tragedy strikes.
    4. Checking in with you and your family each year to ensure your estate plan reflects your wishes. As things change we will amend your key estate planning documents.

Our clients have peace and mind and confidence that the burden on their family will be minimised and their loved one’s inheritance is as protected as possible. They know it means that their family is easily able to step in when needed.

Gil Gordon: Accredited Estate Planning Specialist

Gil is one of the few advisers in Australia to hold the Accredited Estate Planning Specialist (AEPS) designation. He is considered to be one of Australia’s leading estate planning advisers, he writes for many national publications and has spoken all over Australia on the subject. Click here to download a copy of Gil’s book “The bugger went and died on me......AND I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO!”